Theory of Volume 2 Coming Soon

Buckster here with some news about Theory of Volume II.

The band has finished our second album and it’s now being mixed and mastered by our boys “Bobby-Q” and “The Magic Man.”

These dudes are the ones that made Theory of Volume I explode out of your speakers. Both have freak talents and freak ears that somehow hear every musical detail.  Props to those 2 maniacs.

This second album is dedicated to my late daughter, Raven, who took her life when I was in prison on August 8th of 2005. She was only 7 years old, born on August 8th of 1998.

This is the reason that every album Bloody Stool puts out will always be released on August 8th, and why the 888 numerical sequence is so powerful to me and found on all of our stuff.  The scheduled release date is August 8th of 2023.

I convinced the band to take a leap of faith with me to do 8 children’s songs for this album, but in Bloody Stool style. I never got a chance to be a father to Raven or share music with her, so these 8 songs are part of my ongoing therapy and my ultimate gift to her.

The album is called, “Bloody Diaper.” You are going to completely freak out when you hear it.

Godspeed Raven.

You are the reason that music is now my entire life. 

888 \m/