Bloody Stool Swag

BKYH8² here once again bringing the funkin’ truth. Need you “Stoolies” to know that the band and I are “all in” on this project.

Coming from shit-hole Florida State Prison, just being out here in normal society is nice. Fortunate that Dick’s aunt left some funds for us to put out this album and get rolling, but we need you maniacs to buy some damn merch to keep the flow going.

Check out the store on this site. You will have to admit that our stuff is bringing it, and how many new bands start out offering an 8-Track?

None player!

Grab a retro cassette and CD as well. Why not! This stuff is going to be worth some money in the very near future. Time to represent Bloody Stool.

The t-shirt designs are on point as well, and the hat is absolutely killer. The vinyl has already sold out, and we should have more in stock very soon.  Didn’t know there were so many old-school freaks out there wanting albums.

I guess some shit changed while I was being “institutionalized.”

We will be adding merch ongoing as the creativity hits us. Thanks in advance.

888 \m/